Raising Funding Legally in the UK

A successful property investor found her next BMV deal. She did have one problem. She was out of funds. Other projects had soaked up all her available cash.

Then she met a guide; two as it happens. They shared a plan. A plan that would allow the investor to raise all the funds she needs to scale her business. 

The choice was stark. Follow the plan and raise funding legally. Or, risk disaster in the form of an FCA enforcement action for illegal promotions or collective investments. Which should she choose - jail or wealth?

What do you advise?

If you are in a similar situation, let John Corey and Angus Griffin be your guides. They have produced Raising Funding Legally in the UK so you can start accessing all the cash you need to scale. As John would say, ‘learn the rules and then play to win’. 

Once you master fundraising you will set yourself apart from the cowboys who give the property sector a bad name. Time to be a professional. You will then have more investors lining up than you need.

Act now and start the your journey with the two best guides in the market.

The course is made up of 14 modules plus 2 bonus modules. Close to 4 hours of material which you can watch at your leisure. As an online course you can go back more than once if you need to refresh your understanding. In addition, you can leave questions or comments per module. 

Those who have completed the full course, meet with Angus or John and discuss fine details or how to nail your a plan for raising the cash you need. The goal is for you to start raising the funding you need. Do not be shy and no British reserve. Just ask either of the instructors and they will help you move forward.

The price for the course is £197.00. There is no bonus for rushing to the back of the room or for recruiting 500 of your closest friends. Less than a £1 a minute if we want to get ridiculous about value for money. If you could fund 1 extra deal, £197 would be rounding error. 

If you feel guilty about how much you will make, consider sending John and Angus a thank you gift after you have become rich. 😎

Please, just make a decision and move forward. If raising tens or hundreds of thousands of Pounds would make a difference in your business, then this course is well worth the money.

Enough said?

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