Property Fortress

Quality Investor Packs

First impressions matters.

Whether you are looking to kick start your property investment journey or scale your property business, raising money from private investors will help you reach that next stage. The challenge for you is to convince investors that you and your projects are worth investing in. This is where quality investor packs come into play.

Antoine and Caryn (husband and wife) are an investor duo. Antoine is an ex-investment banker turned private investor. Caryn qualified as a barrister and solicitor, worked in financial compliance and now does consulting for property businesses.

They have been investing in other people’s projects. They are High Net Worth and Sophisticated Investors (as per the FCA's definition). They know what to look for. Antoine and Caryn are the type of people you are trying to convince to invest in you and your projects.

They will be explaining how to create quality investor packs that will help you speak the language of investors like themselves. They will tell you what you should say and how to say it to look more professional, and make communication with investors smoother.

This course will help you create your investor pack from scratch or make improvements to your existing investor pack.

For those who complete the course, there are two bonuses. 

Bonus 1: A 20-min call with Antoine and/or Caryn. To address any questions you might have on the back of the course or help you get started with creating your investor pack.

Bonus 2: A compliance module from John which highlights how the course lines up with the FCA regulations for financial promotions and collective investment schemes.