Moving home in the UK. The ‘why, when, and how many’ answered here

The info graphic below comes from a removal company. I think it does a great job of framing the topic of people moving home. As property investors, our economic success is pretty closely tied to how the greater public uses housing. If ‘location, location, location’ is the mantra that defines real estate investment success, understanding the people who actually use and set the benchmark for residential real estate values has to be a core skill.

I also want to use the infographic as an example in critical thinking. Just because someone says something or publishes it does not make it correct. Even when the information is correct, be careful about the conclusions and insights you draw. Being able to recognize opportunities implies a degree of skill with seeing things that others miss.

Removals are surprisingly interesting - Armishaws

What are the interesting observations that you can take away from the graphic after a short reflection? Which prior thoughts or assumptions were validated? Which of your beliefs have been challenged or shown to be faulty? Any new questions pop into your mind? Use the comment section below to share observations, assumptions and questions below. Critical thinking is a skill and it will improve through use. Give it a go.

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