The London Real Estate Meet
visits Hutong @ the Shard

05 April, 2020

Tickets are £55
Seating is limited to 14 attendees

Meet at 12:00 in the Shanghai Bar in Hutong. Sitting down at the table at 12:45. Plan to leave no earlier than 16:00.

You read the email and want to go. Otherwise, you would not have clicked to learn more — time to pull the trigger. Look for the green button below. Secure your seat at the table now.

For a large group, it is mandatory to pre-order the meal. We offer a different selection of food each time. This way regular attendees can have their taste buds tickled each time they attend! There will be a good mix of meat/seafood/vegetable options. Included in the ticket price is the meal plus Chinese tea. Wine and other drinks are available if you open a tab. It will be a leisurely afternoon so lots of quality time.

What if you cannot make this specific date? No problem. John likes to call the Shard his local. We will be back.

Any questions?

Caryn & John

The view from our table
Meet in the Shanghai Bar
Enjoy the food
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