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Times & places to meet/chat with John

John Corey & Property Fortress

welcomes you to the LREM

We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month

19:00 sharp, using Zoom Webinar.

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How to Survive Post Covid-19, make £1m in Property & Achieve Your Dreams & Goals by using Leverage, Bridging & Commercial Finance.
Rory O’Mara & Bridge Financing
After an 18 year career in the Corporate World, Rory sold his IT Consultancy in 2005 and founded ClosedBridgingFinance.com a bespoke bridging & development finance lender & broker.

Rory’s passion is helping motivated investors create wealth by focussing on the three key Wealth Building Blocks: Property, Business & Investing. He contributes to property magazines Your Property Network (YPN), Property Investor News (PIN) and regularly speaks at property events.

Since 2006 he has helped hundreds of investors get going in Buy to Let & Property Development as a way of creating long term passive wealth.
Rory will cover all aspects of funding projects including:

  • 100% JV Funding
  • How to present the case for Funding
  • Lots of real life case studies with top tips on how to be successful including an almost 100% funded project resulting in over £1m in Equity for the Developer
  • Time for Q&A too
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Ask John
Interested in a 20-minute chat, 1 to 1 with John? Looking for that extra nudge or insight that will make all the difference? What is the biggest pain or obstacle holding you back? A problem shared is a problem halved. All John asks is you know what you want to discuss. When booking a time, provide some background. John will read what you share and otherwise prepare for the call. This is the only requirement when you book. Paying it forward is the idea. John giving back by helping you move forward with your journey. Use the link and book a time slot which works for you. If you are in the UK, John will call you at the scheduled time. If you are traveling or are based outside the UK, FaceTime or Zoom are the preferred options. The details can be worked out by email.
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