John Corey’s London Real Estate Meet

Times & places to meet/chat with John

John Corey & Property Fortress

welcomes you to the LREM

We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Follow the signs downstairs at the Crowne Plaza London The City

19 New Bridge Street, London, EC4V 6DB

18:30 check-in; 19:00 sharp, in your seats


Lee Warren

Using much tested KPIs and metrics, Lee will show how deals can be assessed and analysed in a systematic way and built into a business to aide acquiring low risk and high profit deals.

Lee has worked at investment banks; Deutsche Bank; BoA, Merrill Lynch; and Royal Bank of Scotland, asset managers; Blackrock; Fidelity; and First State Investments, as well as construction firm Bouygues UK.

Lee studied commercial real estate development at Cornell University through their eCornell programme. He also studied finance and analysis most of his working life either through being a business owner or financial roles in banking, finance or property organisations.

As an analytical expert, Lee was selected to the corporate Emerging Leader programme of a major international bank due to his skill and ability to understand and manage complex projects. As a management accountant, Lee was also responsible for managing the construction budgets of over £2bn of London based developments, which included the Home Office and several award-winning schemes.

Lee uses a two-step approach and steps through the 6 core principles of analysis to assess property acquisitions that allows the best use of spent time on each deal. A quick analysis that takes an hour to assess if the deal is viable, and then if so, a detailed analysis that drills down to all the necessary costs on a development deal that then can take hours or days depending on the deals complexity.



The London Real Estate Meet visits Hutong @ the Shard


For those who want to sit around a table, enjoying some great Chinese food, high above the London skyline, this could be that moment. Up to fourteen (14) real estate investors chatting about their business sharing a great meal. Heavy on the social aspects. You can really get to know each other.

Ask John

Interested in a 20-minute chat, 1 to 1 with John? Looking for that extra nudge or insight that will make all the difference? What is the biggest pain or obstacle holding you back? A problem shared is a problem halved. All John asks is you know what you want to discuss. When booking a time, provide some background. John will read what you share and otherwise prepare for the call. This is the only requirement when you book. Paying it forward is the idea. John giving back by helping you move forward with your journey. Use the link and book a time slot which works for you. If you are in the UK, John will call you at the scheduled time. If you are traveling or are based outside the UK, FaceTime or Zoom are the preferred options. The details can be worked out by email.

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John’s Upcoming Speaking Engagements

Great Property Meet Warwickshire (Rugby), 19 Nov 2018

Raising Funding Legally

I expect to arrive early and will be staying over. If for some reason you can not make the meeting, reach out and we can find a different time before or after.