Property Fortress Meetup at Hutong
The London Real Estate Meet
visits Hutong @ the Shard

05 April, 2020
Tickets are £55
Seating is limited to 14 attendees

Meet at 12:00 in the Shanghai Bar in Hutong. Sitting down at the table at 12:45. Plan to leave no earlier than 16:00.

For those who want to sit around a table in a private room, enjoying some great Chinese food, high above the London skyline, this could be that moment. Fourteen (14) real estate investors chatting about their business sharing a great meal. Heavy on the social aspects so you can really get to know each other.

Next step? Find the green button below and grab a ticket to secure your seat at the table.

For a large group, it is usually mandatory to order the set menu. However, we want to offer a different selection of food each time. This way regular attendees can have their taste buds tickled each time they attend! We will be sharing a variety of pre-ordered food from the menu. There is usually a good mix of meat/seafood/vegetable options. Food and tea are included in the ticket price. Wine and other drinks are available if you open a tab. It will be a leisurely afternoon so lots of quality time.

We had 14 seats in total. Tickets were released to the 'Hutong priority notification' list 72 hours ago. Make a decision and book ASAP.

What if you cannot make this date? No problem. John likes to call the Shard his 'local'. We will be back. 

Any questions?

Caryn Yuen & John Corey
Your hosts for what will be an exciting meal.

PS. If you want to book a 20-minute chat with John, just use the Ask-John link. Any real estate topic is fine. You can even book a call now and then again in the future when you have a new question. Yes, more than one call is allowed. There is nothing to buy. A truly free resource.

The view from our table
Meet in the Shanghai Bar
Enjoy the food
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