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John Corey and Angus Griffin have produced Raising Funding Legally in the UK so you can start accessing all the cash you need to scale. As John would say, ‘learn the rules and then play to win’. 

Once you master fundraising you will set yourself apart from the cowboys who give the property sector a bad name. Time to be a professional. You will then have more investors lining up than you need.

Antoine and Caryn explain how to create quality investor packs that will help you speak the language of investors. They will tell you what you should say and how to say it to look more professional, and make communication with investors smoother.

This course will help you create your investor pack from scratch or make improvements to your existing investor pack.

The flowchart is a living document. Changes may be caused by a change in the FCA’s regulations or triggered by an improved process to raise funding. The latest version of the flowchart is kept here.

Review recordings of past sessions
Review recordings of past sessions
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