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Property Fortress Property Fortress
We provide people with the knowledge, skills and tools to improve your financial profile through property acquisition. We CARE.
A community of like-minded people can collectively accomplish more together. Ask Questions, give answers and get involved.
Our apps help you make your own decisions about deals. Ignore the flashing lights and property sharks and follow the numbers.

Real Estate Investment Trust Launching Soon! A Plc. based in the UK which operates as a Collective Investment Scheme.
A series of courses, resources and events that will help you become a wiser, safer and smarter investor – or just top up your knowledge.
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Lean on the Community for support while you become Educated in what you need to know for success. Once you have a foundation, look into the Apps, other online tools and the options REITs present.
Who is John Corey?
Watch this short video to find out about John.
"I like the fact you ask the difficult questions that others may not because of their own agendas!!"
"I appreciate your straight-talking, best practice approach to an area of property investment which is so full of hype and self-appointed gurus."
"It never ceases to amaze me the knowledge you hold about investing."
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