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London Real Estate MeetUp

We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

We meet downstairs at the
The Crowne Plaza Hotel
19 Bridge Street
City of London, EC4V 6BD

March 2017 –> Small properties, big profits

BTL’s, specifically BBTL (baby buy to lets) … Learn how Craig Hopkins built his financial future using BBTL. Oh, he tried HMOs and that did not work half as well.

Craig will share the details of the BBTL strategy through which he replaced his day-job income. When I first met Craig, he was a recent immigrant to the UK, unable to get a mortgage (non-EU status), holding down a full time job at E&Y and single. Today, Criag is a father, husband, BBTL investor. Craig has been able to fund his lifestyle by creating a recurring income. Build it once and live on it forever.

What is your goal? Does the above sound like something you would like? Are you prepared to think out of the box?  If you are looking for ideas for your ‘pension’ and want to create true wealth, Craig’s journey will provide a unique perspective.

His story covers how he found / invented the BBTL investment strategy, property management ideas tailored to the sector, financing tips and other techniques BBTL forced him to learn. Rarely is any of this discussed. Why? The course promoters struggle to wrap or sell a course based on the BBTL strategy.

BBTL works for Craig. It might work for you. Or it might not. Join us so you can hear what might be possible. Then decide if the strategy can be made to work for you.

Craig is not shy. He loves questions. Be prepared to engage with him. Every question you ask is likely to be a question others in the room will want answered.

Keep It Real Series:

Each month we also hear from a few investors in the audience. People like you, who are not on the speaker circuit. People like you, sharing their journey, live, as it happens. Learning from doing while making better connections with your fellow investors. Most of the people John calls on have no warning that he will be putting them in the spotlight. You might be that person as your journey is interesting to others.

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Ask John

Interested in a 20-minute chat, 1 to 1 with John? Looking for that extra nudge or insight that will make all the different? What is the biggest pain or obstacle holding you back? A problem shared is a problem halved.

All John asks is you know what you want to discuss. When booking a time, provide some background. John will read what you share and prepare for the call. Otherwise, there is no obligation. Pay it forward is the idea. John giving back by helping you move forward on your journey. 

Use the link and book a time slot which works for you. If you are in the UK, John will call you at the scheduled time. If you are traveling or are based outside the UK, FaceTime, Zoom and other options will work. 

Book a 20-minute call by clicking here.

Speaking Engagements

or Pop Up / Coffee Meetings around the UK

Cambridge: PPN 09 Mar 2017

Birmingham NEC pin – 3rd Thursday. June. Full detailsTBA