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Raising Money Legally for Joint Ventures

Jo Rogers & John Corey

Do you want to raise your game and attract funding for your deals? Have you heard that the FCA cares about what you are sharing? Many posts in the property Facebook groups are illegal. The crime is the sharing (posting on FB, by phone, in person) and not if a deal is done.

Jo and I are piloting a training day. Jo is a legal expert (practicing lawyer raising funding for clients in two financial centers – NY and London). She is also a UK landlord who has experienced some of the pitfalls common to joint ventures. I will provide an overview of the FCA regulations, how they apply and the issues if you do a cross-border fund raise. Jo will lead us through best practice for structuring, negotiating, documenting and communicating with investment partners. She will be sharing some of her best ‘clauses’ or whole contracts for joint ventures. We will review case studies. We will use her model for scoring the risk an opportunity presents.

As this is a pilot, we want to hear from you. Bring your questions, your deals, your communications materials which you are using now. We can help you improve what you are doing so you start to stand out from the crowd. This is an all day session in central London on a Saturday (SE1, walking distance from London Bridge).

We expect to charge £397 or more in the future. The price below is a 1-off price. Grab it now if you want to obtain maximum investment value.

Speaking of the crowd, I will also explain how you can outsource the FCA regulatory burden by using an FCA approved crowdfunding site. A success-based, PAYG-model for raising funding legally.

London Real Estate MeetUp

We meet the 2nd Tuesday of each month.

Follow the signs downstairs at the
The Crowne Plaza Hotel
19 Bridge Street
City of London, EC4V 6BD

June 2017:  Ahmwaah Charles

Planning & Project Acquisition Management


Ahmwaah started his property investing career while he was a student at Durham University. Having grown up in East London and reaching the heights of Durham, Ahmwaah knows how to focus and get the job done.

Once the property bug really took hold, Ahmwaah decided a career in Law was not the way to go. After a start with vanilla BTL, his career path was a bit curvy on the way to today’s focus. During the journey, he has run acquisitions for Martin Skinner and he has tried his hand with is own planning projects. He LOOKS at lots and lots of deals on a monthly basis.

There were some bumps along the way and definite lessons learned. Ahmwaah has refocused his efforts on assisting developers. Acquisition management plus planning project management.  Translation: Filtering leads, agreeing to the contract with the vendor and then managing the planning process.

This will be an interactive session where Ahmwaah will be challenging the crowd to come up with ideas for specific leads. Then he will share how he would ‘score’ the lead and the viable ways to approach the vendor.

You will be learning how to find sites, what to look for, how best to work with the planners plus what it takes to run a smooth consultation with the neighbors.

For the price of a seat in the room, you can learn a lot. Be prepared to be challenged.

Keep It Real

Each month we also hear from a few investors in the audience. People like you, who are not on the speaker circuit. People like you, sharing their journey, live, as it happens. Learning from doing while making better connections with your fellow investors. Most of the people John calls on have no warning that he will be putting them in the spotlight. You might be that person as your journey is interesting to others.

You can buy tickets for this month’s meet or future meets. See below.

Ask John

Interested in a 20-minute chat, 1 to 1 with John? Looking for that extra nudge or insight that will make all the different? What is the biggest pain or obstacle holding you back? A problem shared is a problem halved.

All John asks is you know what you want to discuss. When booking a time, provide some background. John will read what you share and otherwise prepare for the call. This is the only requirement when you book.

Paying it forward is the idea. John giving back by helping you move forward with your journey.

Use the link and book a time slot which works for you. If you are in the UK, John will call you at the scheduled time. If you are traveling or are based outside the UK, FaceTime or Zoom are the preferred options. The details can be worked out by email.

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Speaking Engagements

Birmingham NEC pin – 3rd Thursday. June. Full details TBA

PPN Birmingham – 2nd Wednesday, Aug. Radisson Blu